Our Regular Programmes


Hydrotherapy is available in the Ronald Caughey Building located at the Wilson Home Trust site, 1 St Leonards Road, Hauraki 0622 on the following days:

Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 2.30pm to 4pm (during school term time only).

The warm temperature of the pool is set at 34 degrees. Your child will be provided with a qualified pediatric physio in the pool and given a 20-minute 1:1 session. Hydrotherapy is extremely beneficial in improving range of movement, flexibility, balance, coordination and general overall fitness.


  • Ramped access into pool either by walking or water wheelchair
  • Ceiling track hoist with a selection of slings
  • Shower trolley
  • Change Table

Please note that Hydrotherapy sessions are also available in Panmure at the Lagoon Pool & Leisure Centre, 29 Lagoon Drive, Panmure.  For more information, please contact Felicity on 09 485 3461 or email at felicityh@wilsonhometrust.org.nz

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NB: If you are looking for reusable swim nappies check out the following suppliers:

  • Swimspiration - specialises in swimwear and incontinence products
  • Swim Joy - range of sizing based on age - one colour option.

If you require further information, please contact Felicity on 09 485 3461 or email her at felicityh@wilsonhometrust.org.nz



Please note: Your child may not be able to attend hydrotherapy if they have uncontrolled seizures, unstable medical conditions, renal failure, a compromised immune system or any acute conditions such as infections / diarrhoea / open wounds / recent bleeding episode or active cold sores.

Also, there are precautions with some lines and catheters.

Please list all conditions and we will contact you if we need any further information to ensure the safety of your child on the pool. There will also be an initial land-based session to ensure all contraindications and precautions are considered.