Which grant should I apply for?

Equipment & Activity Grant

The equipment or activity grant is to support families to acquire equipment, services or offer experiences that will enhance the life of their child who has a primarily physical disability. Items that are normally funded by Government agencies are excluded (e.g. Accessable or Enable).  There is a cap of $5,000 exclusive of GST for each child up to the age of turning 22. 

If you are applying for funding for housing modifications, please contact the Trust to discuss this prior to beginning the application process. There is a separate application form required for this funding.

Download a copy of the equipment and activity grant application or  

Apply for an Equipment & Activity Grant online

All applications must include two quotes from different service/activity providers please include delivery / freight charges and a letter of support from a health professional. Details of what to include in the letter of support can be found here


Group Grant

The Group Grant is for not-for-profit organisations or groups of children or youth who meet our criteria and seek to provide an enriching experience. Examples include: recreation, sport, camps, communication, socialization and therapeutic activities. When organisations apply for a group grant, at least 50% of the children/young adults in the group participating in the activity, must meet our group grant funding criteria. Applicants will be required to provide this information in their application.

Download a copy of the group grant application or

Apply for a Group Grant online

Wellbeing and Counselling Grant

A Wellbeing and Counselling Grant is available for any family member who has a child with a primarily physical disability and requires counselling or similar support. This may include parents, primary carers, siblings or the young person themselves. The grant is up to the value of $1,000 exclusive of GST. You may choose your own counsellor. Please call us on 09 488 0126 or 0800 948 787 to discuss your eligibility and/or application.

Download a copy of the wellbeing/counselling grant application form or

Apply for a Wellbeing Counselling Grant online


Emergency Grant

An Emergency Grant is for urgent support in times of a crisis or emergency. You may request this on behalf of another person. The grant is up to $1,000 exclusive of GST. Please call us on 09 488 0126 or 0800 948 787 to discuss your eligibility or download the application form and email it to us.

Please note if this is your first application to the Wilson Home Trust, please attach a letter from a health or medical professional that can verify the child's / young persons physical disability diagnosis. 

Download a copy of the emergency grant application form or

Apply for an Emergency Grant online


Holiday Grant

The purpose of the holiday grant is to support a family who is in significant need of time out and pay for accommodation and related costs within New Zealand. The maximum amount is $1,000 exclusive of gst per trip and there is a cap of $2,000 in total per family before the child turns 22 years. There must be a minimum of six months between grant applications and please allow no less than 20 days before your planned holiday.

The holiday grant is valid for 3 months. You may apply anytime and just need to get prior approval from the Trust. Call us on 09 488 0126 or 0800 948 787 to discuss your eligibility and secure approval.


Accessible Holiday Options:

Flaxmill Bay Hideaway Coromandel  https://www.flaxmillbay.co.nz

is located on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, only two miles from Cooks Beach and ten miles to Hahei, Flaxmill Bay Hideaway is our latest addition to our holiday home accommodation pool. There are two, three-bedroom fully accessible cottages available for two or three-night holiday vacations between the months of April to December. If you choose Flaxmill Bay we will pay them directly, please contact the Wilson Home Trust – phone 0800 948 787 or 09 488 0126 or email info@wilsonhometrust.org.nz

A location of your choice

You can stay at any location of your choice. You will need to pay initially and we will reimburse you with original receipts or if you are unable to pay, please advise and we can arrange payment directly to the accommodation.

Download a copy of the Family Holiday Grant or

Apply for a Family Holiday Grant online


Hydrotherapy / Water Confidence

The hydrotherapy grant is to provide financial assistance for a child or young person who has a physical disability and would like to access hydrotherapy / water confidence services.

This grant is capped at $800 plus GST per annum for each child or young person that qualifies up to the age of 22.

Download a copy of the Hydrotherapy / Water Confidence Grant Form or


Apply for a Hydrotherapy / Water Confidence Grant online