Our Supporters & Partners

The Wilson Home Trust would like to thank the following organisations, groups and individuals for their support. 



Milford & Albany

       Ulysses Club 


We would also like to thank the following groups and individuals for their donations 

  • Westminster School
  • The Oskam-Schmidt Family
  • Estate of William Neville Grant
  • Donations on behalf of the late Mary Gabb
  • The Eden Life Trust
  • Gail Anderson
  • A G Service
  • T V Keenan
  • D C Lanaway
  • Phil Wong
  • Sam Wolk
  • Pakuranga Garden Club
  • Phillip Gainsford
  • K L Graham
  • Helen Purcell
  • John Donoghue
  • Edmund Hilary Retirement Village Knitting Group
  • Devonport Community House Peggy Purl Knitters
  • J & M Eriksen
  • Wildermoth Family Trust
  • Cath McCort
  • S F & S A B B McGregg
  • Sally Jossi